Comprehensive Land Use Plan Updates

The Durham Comprehensive Plan provides guidance for preferred development patterns through policies and a Place Type Map.

Positioned in the Strategic Plan Goal 5: Sustainable, Natural, and Built Environment - This Plan proposes a flexible approach to the interaction of land uses but limits intensities and densities depending on location. Durham’s land is finite. How we use this land determines how an increasing population will be housed, how and where green space and agricultural land will be protected, the number of homes that will be constructed, the amount of goods and services that will be available to residents how successful Durham will be in attracting employment and where employment centers will be located, and how efficient and connected our transportation choices can be. The Plan balances the predicted demand for specific land uses with the need to protect our natural resources and to move towards a more efficient development pattern.


What Does Success Look Like?

  • Develop the Framework 
  • Accommodate Growth 
  • Promote the Sustainable Use of Land and Resources 
  • Align Land Use with Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Ensure Comprehensive Plan Relevancy
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Land Use Plan