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Board Buddy Mentorship Program

The purpose of the Board Buddy Mentorship Program is to help empower new board members to learn from experienced board members who have relevant and shareable experiences and insights, develop a pipeline of future board leadership, and to strengthen the operations of the board. Every board is different and each new board member must learn how it operates. New board members need time to learn, become familiar with the culture of the board, and gain awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of the board. 

Board Buddy Jr. Mentorship Program

The Board Buddy Jr. Mentorship Program is an opportunity for Junior and Senior Durham Public School students to learn more about their local government and how it works. Each student within the Board Buddy Jr. Mentorship Program will be assigned to a board and will be required to attend board meetings. Students will assist with drafting minutes, which will enhance their writing and critical thinking skills as well as allowing them to have direct insight on how decisions are made within the city that they reside in. Training on how to draft meeting minutes and minute templates will be provided for each student. The program is separated into two parts; July-December and January-June. This allows an opportunity for two students per year to be mentored per board.

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  • An experienced board member who has good knowledge and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the board? 
  • Eager to invest in others?
  • Willing to share knowledge of the board?
  • Committed to increasing diversity?
  • Interested in providing strong commitment to the program?


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