Business Development

Supporting Development

The City of Durham supports business development in a variety of ways. The Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) is committed to creating good jobs and developing a skilled workforce to fill them. In Durham, that commitment is made easier by a robust economy with an attractive business climate.

OEWD's business development strategy is designed to support business formation, retention, expansion and relocation. Our department is committed to broadening employment opportunities for residents throughout the city.


Several ways OEWD assists businesses include:
  • Providing demographic and marketing information to aid in business planning and feasibility analysis
  • Providing financial assistance in the form of incentives for job creation and capital investment, tax incentives, and workforce training resources
  • Providing regulatory assistance to help businesses understand and comply with local and state regulations and operating guidelines
  • Providing technical assistance, most often through a network of government-supported and not-for-profit institutions in and around the area
Examples of not-for-profit institutions include:
  • The Durham Technical Community College Small Business Center
  • The NC Military Business Center
  • The NC Small Business and Technology Development Center