Unified Development Ordinance Amendments

The Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) is a set of rules adopted by the City Council and Board of County Commissioners for how property can be developed. These rules are often called “zoning” rules or regulations.

These rules include items such as allowed uses for property, how land can be subdivided, where buildings can be placed on a property, parking requirements, landscaping requirements, and environmental protections for erosion control, streams, floodplains, tree preservations, and steep slopes.


Individuals may request to amend the text of the UDO, thus changing a development standard. The process for changing the text of the UDO is the same as for changing a zoning map, or rezoning.

Presubmittal Meeting

The first step is to request a Presubmittal Meeting with the Growth Management Team. Please note that presubmittal meetings are only good for 6 months from the time they are held until application submittal.

Neighborhood Meeting(s)

Once this meeting has been held, the next step is to hold a virtual Neighborhood Meeting following the Neighborhood Meeting Guidelines

Submit Text Amendment Application

Once these requirements have been met, a formal UDO Text Amendment application can be formally submitted to the Box.com customer portal. To ensure timeliness and accuracy, please use the most current applications and forms found on the website.  Once the application is submitted, and staff have deemed the application complete, Planning will initiate the review of the UDO Text Amendment with other departments. The initial review is 40 business days, and any re-review is 15 business days. Staff will also upload the project to the Growth Management Engagement Site, so that community input may be collected throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Public Hearings

After the proposal has been reviewed, and all staff comments are satisfied, the case will be scheduled for a Planning Commission Public Hearing. The application request is posted in the local newspaper. In addition, staff includes notifications of public hearings in the Planning Weekly Newsletter. The Planning Commission makes an advisory recommendation to the governing boards on approval.

After Planning Commission, the UDO Text Amendment goes to BOTH the City Council and the Board of County Commissioners for a public hearing. The application request is posted in the local newspaper and Planning includes in the Planning Weekly Newsletter. The governing bodies make the final determination on approval or denial of the zoning map change request.


  1. UDO Text Amendment Pre-Sub Form (PDF)
  2. UDO Text Amendment Application (PDF)
  3. UDO Process Overview (PDF)


Payment Portal

  • Payment Portal
    1. Use payment option “4-Planning”
    2. Use the DSC Fees and Payment Menu., section 14. Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Text Amendment (page 17) for fees and guidelines.
    3. Save your receipt and payment number to reference in your application.

Submittal Portal

Use the portal below to complete your request for a UDO Text Amendment. If the online form is not working, please use the direct Submit Unified Development Ordinance Text Amendment Application or Re-submittal link.