Architectural Review

An Architectural Review application applies to changes to building elevations where compliance with architectural standards is required, but no site plan approval or certificate of appropriateness is otherwise required. Architectural review applies in the following circumstances:

Under Unified Development Ordinance Section 7.3.1, architectural reviews apply to all non-industrial facilities with exterior elevations greater than 100 feet in total length or diameter and visible from a public right-of-way or adjacent residential property. Any proposed project in a design district, in a Neighborhood Protection Overlay, or with an associated development plan (from a rezoning) would also require an Architectural Review for exterior changes. 

Development Plan:

Applies to properties which have, as part of their zoning, an approved Development Plan with either text or graphic design guidelines or commitments.

Design District:

Applies to properties located in a Design District (Article 16, Design Districts), where specific architectural standards apply as part of that zoning district.

Neighborhood Protection Overlay:

Applies to properties designated with a Neighborhood Protection Overlay with their zoning, such as Tuscaloosa Lakewood and Old West Durham, and where specific standards apply as a part of that overlay.

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