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Request an Inspection, Permit or Code Violation Extension - This page has links to Durham Fire Department inspections and permits as well as information on how to contact our Fire Inspectors/Asst. Fire Marshals. Please email questions to [email protected].

Get a Fire Report or other Public Record - Used to request a fire report or any record of underground storage tanks, hazardous material spills or other environmental issues.

Ride along with a Durham Fire Crew - Are you considering a career in Durham's Fire Department? Complete this form and we will be in touch. You must be at least 18 years old to ride with our crews.  

Learn about Community Programs and Offerings, On this page, you'll find our Fire Education Event Request required to schedule programs and training offered by the Durham Fire Department. These include Remembering When for Seniors, Alarm for Life, Fire Extinguisher Training for Businesses, Fire Station Tours, and other events and programs designed to promote a safer Durham.

Purchase a Rapid Entry Box so that the Fire Department can quickly enter your premises in the event of an emergency.

Be sure to check out our Junior Fire Marshal Academy page for information about this 4-day summer course for DPS students ages 13-16 who may be considering a career in the fire service.

Install a Smoke Alarm provided by the Durham Fire Department.