Improvements for Access to Utility Easements and Facilities

Improvements for Access to Utility Easements and Facilities
The Department of Water Management (DWM), who is responsible for water and sewer infrastructure operation, maintenance, evaluation, rehabilitation, and improvement throughout the City of Durham, has contracted with Timmons Group to assist DWM by providing design, permitting, bidding, and construction related services to improve access along sixteen (16) sewer easements. The easement improvements will allow DWM to conduct sewer system maintenance and protect vulnerable sewer assets from erosion damage. 

The first phase of work includes field data collection (topographical and morphological survey, wetlands delineation, etc.); development of a Preliminary Engineering Report; and design, permitting, and bidding services. 

Timmons Group will begin survey and design efforts throughout the City beginning in summer 2022. This work will include:

  • Surveying sanitary sewer pipelines and manholes
  • Surveying the topography of utility easements and access areas
  • Analyzing creek bank locations in areas adjacent to sewer pipelines
  • Developing repair and long-term stabilization strategies to address active erosion on stream banks adjacent to the sewer easements  

Maps of the project areas will be provided. Notification letters will be sent to property owners adjacent to the work areas 30 days prior to field mobilization and door hangers will be provided 7 days prior any site work.

Project Location Map

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Site Location Maps
Dayton Street Site
Hearthside Street Site
Isenhour Street Site
Montgomery Street Site
Morehead Avenue Site
Muldee Street Site
N. Hoover Road Site 1
N. Hoover Road Site 2
Overland Drive-Geer Street
Rock Street
Shrewsbury Street
Snowhill Site
Third Fork Creek Trail
Treyburn #1 LS
W. Murray Avenue


  1. Why is this work necessary?
    Access to sewer easements by City vehicles and equipment is required to allow for proper operation and maintenance. DWM staff has identified sixteen (16) sewer easements that are not accessible for maintenance vehicles due to poor drainage, erosion, and/or washouts from adjacent creeks.
  2. Will the surveyors be on private property?
    Surveyors may be on private property to access the survey area; however, surveyors will not be entering any buildings during the sanitary sewer and access easement survey.
  3. How long will the survey take place?
    The survey in each area could take from a couple hours to a couple days. Most should expect the surveys to take a day at the longest. Traffics and parking near the survey area should not be affected; however, appropriate signage and procedures will be in place where applicable.