Homeland + Aiken Stream Stabilization


  • This project will restore degraded stream channels and replace or relocate sanitary sewer piping in two areas within the City where the stream is encroaching on the sewer easement. The project areas are located near Homeland Avenue and Aiken Avenue as shown in the maps (PDF).

    Homeland Avenue
    Map of Homeland Project Area Opens in new windowAiken Avenue Map of Aiken Project Area Opens in new window
  • Approximately 1,500 linear feet of an unnamed tributary to Third Fork Creek will be restored and 430 linear feet of 8-inch to 12-inch sewer will be replaced near Homeland Avenue. 
  • Approximately 1,700 linear feet Goose Creek will be restored and 930 linear feet of 12-inch sewer will be replaced near Aiken Avenue. 
  • The initial field study work included creek and utilities surveys. That is now complete. Designs have been completed and final permits are being secured.
  • Final bidding preparations are pending. Construction is expected to begin in Fall 2022.
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Homeland & Aiken informational video


  1. Why is this work needed and how long will it take?
    Access to sewer easements by City vehicles and equipment is required to allow for proper operation and maintenance. The creeks in the project areas have encroached on the sewer easements making access difficult.  In addition, erosion along the creeks may eventually expose and cause damage to existing sanitary sewer assets. The project will be paid for by previously authorized capital improvement program (CIP) funds. Construction is anticipated to last approximately 12 months.
  1. Will my business/property be impacted during the construction phase of this project?
    Construction will occur within the public right-of-way as well as dedicated utility and construction easements. Short-term pedestrian detours are anticipated on the American Tobacco Trail near Fayetteville Road. 
  1. Will my sewer service be affected by this project?
    No sewer service disruptions are anticipated at this time; however, property owners will be notified in advance regarding any planned service disruptions.