ShotSpotter Durham

ShotSpotter Timeline
  1. What is shotspotter technology?

ShotSpotter is a "Gunfire Detection"  technology that utilizes acoustic sensors, or microphones, that are placed in a designated area of deployment. The sensors are placed specifically on light poles, public buildings, or telephone poles. Once the sensors detect gunfire, this then begins the process of notifying the Durham Police Department. For more specifics on how the technology works in general, view the video in the "How Does ShotSpotter Work?" tab.  

  1. How does ShotSpotter Work?
  1. Does Shotspotter use Cameras to take photos or video?
  1. How Accurate is Shotspotter?
  1. Where in Durham will shotspotter be Deployed?
  1. When will ShotSpotter be Deployed?
  1. How much will ShotSpotter cost?
  1. What policy will govern the departments use of ShotSpotter Technology?
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