Ethics Training

New Employee Orientation (NEO)

On the first and third Monday of each month, we provide new employees with an overview of the City Ethics Policies. Participants engage with scenarios, such as those below, to challenge their understanding of the policies. In addition, attendees learn why City employees are held to a higher ethical standard than City residents, what obligations and protections they have as whistleblowers, and how they can be proactive in avoiding conflicts of interest.

Conflict of Interest Scenario
contracting with the city scenario
Political Activity Scenario
Secondary Employment Scenario
training scenario
Why ethics matter

Internal Flyers

Each month, we create flyers, such as those below, to promote awareness either of a particular component of the ethics policy or preventing fraud, waste, and abuse. These materials run on the City's electronic message boards and as part of the screen saver function of City-issued computers. They also appear in City Week and City Connect, formerly known as the City Manager's report.

Nepotisms flyer
Fear of Reporting flyer
Political activity flyer
Outside employment flyer
Timesheet fraud flyer (2)
Procurement Card flyer
Flexible work agreement flyer
Obligation to Report flyer
Dating my Supervisor flyer

Training Videos

The video linked below serves as a quick reminder for employees of the City Ethics Policies and why they matter. We have also developed a series of videos for internal use to address the most frequent finding we make during audits: incomplete or absent standard operating policies. 

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