Enforcement Process

service rEquest 

Code Enforcement cases are created following one of the actions below: 

  • Durham One Call Request
  • Email or phone call 
  • Proactive Inspection


When a service request is received, a case is created and assigned to a Code Enforcement Officer(CEO). An on-site inspection is conducted, within 48 hours, to determine if violations are present. The CEO will obtain photos of the area(s) of concern and provide information for next steps. 

Notice of violation

If weedy lot violations are present, a white and red notice will be posted on the property. The lot must be cleared of all violations within 10 days. 

If vehicle violations are present, a lime green tag will be posted on the vehicle. All violations must be cleared within 7 days. 

If housing violations are present, a Complaint and Notice letter will be sent through the mail. All violations must be corrected within 30 days.

  •  The Complain and Notice letter includes:
    • List of all violations 
    • Hearing date(10-15 days from the inspection) 
      • The hearing is an opportunity for the owner to provide an update on violations. This takes place in-person or over the phone. 

* See "Notices of Violation" tab for examples

finding of fact and order

When the violations are corrected, the owner must arrange for a re-inspection with the CEO. If the repairs are not verified as complete by the CEO within 30 days, a Finding of Facts and Order letter is mailed to the owner. The Finding of Facts and Order letter includes a date(30 days) by which the violations MUST be corrected. 

Failure to comply 

If the repairs are not verified as complete by the CEO within 30 days, a Failure to Comply letter is mailed to the owner. The Failure to Comply letter informs the owner that the violations are still present and the case has been referred for judicial action. 

judicial process

If the owner fails to bring the property into compliance within the allotted timeframe, a request is submitted to the Housing Appeals Board to remediate the violations. The owner will be subject to a one time $250 administrative fee and civil penalties of $300 per month that the property is not in compliance with the City of Durham Codes. The costs of City remediation and fees are billed to the owner and a lien is placed on the property deed. (Please note: Owner occupied properties are not subject to civil penalties)