Verification Letters

The Planning Department issues various verification letters:

Zoning Verification Letter

An official letter from the department verifying the zoning for a specific property. The zoning helps determine what type of building or use is allowed on the property. For residential or real estate concerns, this letter is typically the appropriate letter for information necessary for real estate and other residential needs. 

Use Verification Letter

An official letter from the department indicating whether a specific use is allowable for a specific property. “Use” refers to what purpose a building, structure, or area of land may be arranged or occupied or the activity conducted or proposed in a building, structure, or on an area of land. 

Family Care Home and Group Home Verification Letters

Similar to a business verification letters with one additional step. While zoning needs to be verified, both types of homes also require that that they be a certain distance away from another Family Care or Group Home. Staff will review the most recent lists provided by the State and compare the proposed site to the addresses surrounding the address in question. This letter takes an additional amount of time and care to complete and is not the type of question we can answer quickly in-person

Application and Submission Instructions

Payment Portal

  • Payment Portal
    1. Use payment option “4-Planning”
    2. All letters have the same fee of $26.00. For a complete list of fees, see the DSC Fees and Payment Menu.
    3. Save your receipt and payment number to reference in your application.

Submittal Portal

Use the portal below to complete your request. If the online form is not working, please use the direct Zoning District Verification, Use Verification Letter or Family Care/Group Home Verification Letter link.