Community Centered Code Enforcement

Community Centered Code Enforcement Initiative was piloted beginning March 2016 in response to Code Enforcement staff’s desire to improve enforcement outcomes and increase connections with communities. Team problem solving/brainstorming sessions resulted in prioritizing resident education and engagement regarding city code to increase awareness and compliance. 

Officers and supervisors select focus areas based on:

• Historically high contractions of citations

• Visual assessments of current conditions in the neighborhoods in their enforcement areas

Officers then partner with Community Engagement and Human Relations staff in 

• Conducting neighborhood canvassing to engage/educate residents on city ordinances and enforcement complexities and establish baseline conditions 

Then Code Enforcement staff:

• Conducts proactive warning inspections (minor) and full inspections for all properties in the focus area 

• Conducts 30 day follow-up inspections to drive overall and voluntary compliance to improve housing and neighborhood conditions