Planning Department Current Estimated Population

The City-County Planning Department independently calculates an overall population projection for all of the City of Durham and Durham County. The population of Durham County encompasses all individuals residing within Durham County limits, including the City of Durham. The City of Durham population includes all individuals residing within the City of Durham, including portions of the City that extend into Wake County and Orange County. 

The City-County Planning Department is currently only tracking overall population estimates. These projections are based on the data available and do not represent the precise population of the City of Durham and Durham County until the next Census is released. For a more detailed filtering of various demographics by location, please use the Durham Neighborhood Compass or the US Census for Durham County

Current Population Estimate

As of July 1, 2023, the City-County Planning Department estimates the following total populations: 

Durham County 

  • 354,167 (estimated)

City of Durham 

  • 306,495 (estimated)

Data and Methodology

Populations are estimated using local development permits completed in the City and County since the most recent Census on April 1, 2020. New and demolished dwelling units, after July 1, 2020, are totaled then multiplied by average Persons Per Household (PPH) and by a current Occupancy Rate (OR). Both the PPH and the OR are determined from the American Community Survey (ACS) when the population estimate was calculated.

Data Formula
Total New Dwelling Units for each Administrative Boundary (after July 1, 2020) x Current PPH x Current OR = Current Estimated Population

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