Street Vendor Registration

A street vendor is any individual who sells food or goods in the street right-of-way, either from a commercial vehicle or stall. According to the Durham City Code of Ordinances, only vendors selling food and periodicals are permitted to sell within the right-of-way of a street. 

Street vendor registration is performed through the Planning Department. Prior to applying, your business will require: 

  • an Employer Identification Number (EIN); 
  • have conducted a Health Inspection Certificate from Durham County, and/or registered through the State of North Carolina Tax office. 

This registration has to be renewed each year, with a given registration starting each July 1. You will need to present your Health Inspection Certificate each time you apply for a registration. Detailed steps are listed in the Office of Economic and Workforce Development Food Truck Start-up Roadmap.

Additional Requirements 

  • If your office is in your home, and is within Durham County, then you would need to obtain a Home Occupation Permit. Per the UDO Sec. 5.4.4 Home Occupation, you may park one commercial vehicle at your home. If you have more than one vehicle in your Food Truck fleet, then the vehicles above the one you can park at your house will have to be parked somewhere else. 


Payment Portal

Use the link below to submit payment for your street vendor registration. Applications will not be reviewed until payment is processed and confirmed by staff.

  • Payment Portal
    1. Use payment option “4-Planning”
    2. The current fee is $10.40 per cart or truck. For a compete and updated list of fees, see the DSC Fees and Payment Menu, see section 11.8 (pages 16) 
    3. Label as in the comment as VENDOR-[Your Business Name]
    4. Save your receipt and payment number to reference in your application.

Submittal Portal

Use the application portal below that best corresponds to your application type.