Temporary Use Permit

Some uses are considered temporary in nature and can be approved as a temporary use. A Temporary Use Permit (TUP) is needed whenever you plan to use a space for something other than it’s normal intended use. Most common are: construction trailers, seasonal events (fireworks, Christmas trees, pumpkins), events hosted in parking spaces (food trucks, storage, PODS), and festivals. This to ensure that the locations are safe, and are minimizing any parking or traffic issues in the surrounding area. General TUP’s are typically issued for up to 45 days and can only be renewed once. PODS and temporary dumpsters that are located on residential property do not need a permit if it is for 30 days or less. Specific temporary uses may have other allowed timeframes.

Temporary uses should not be confused with permanent outdoor activities (for example, a car sales lot) that are only allowed in certain zones and require site plan approval, nor should they be confused with an outdoor display area (for example, a garden center that is part of a building supply store) that may be a part of a retail store and require site plan approval.

Details regarding the regulations for Temporary Uses can be found in UDO Sec. 5.5, Temporary Uses. Additionally, the permit requirements can be found in Sec. 3.12, Temporary Use Permit.



Payment Portal

  • Payment Portal
    1. Use payment option “4-Planning”
    2. Use the DSC Fees and Payment Menu., section 11.1 Temporary Use Permit (page 16) for fees and guidelines.
    3. Save your receipt and payment number to reference in your application.

Submittal Portal

Use the portal below to complete your request for a Temporary Use Permit. If the online form is not working, please use the direct Submit Temporary Use Permit Application or Re-submittal link.