Right-of-Way Permits

Any work that takes place within the City of Durham Right of Way requires a permit. Below are the types of permits and the processes. Use the tabs below to open specific objective to learn more and submit an application. 


Once the application is submitted, Minor Development Engineering will review submittal for completeness and approve if all guidelines and standards are met. When submittal is approved, a request for payment is sent to the applicant and the permit will be processed and issued once the payment has been received. 


This permit is required for all construction in the Right-of-Way (ROW) and in some cases for construction on private property. These permits will expire 90 days after issuance if an inspection has not been requested. Includes driveways, sidewalks, water, sewer, storm drainage, and irrigation.


ROW-or-Private Property Permit Application Form (PDF) 


Send all inquiries and completed applications to [email protected].

Temporary Closures

This permit is for temporary dumpsters, temporary closure of streets, sidewalks, on-street parking areas, or other portions of the right-of-way resulting from construction or other temporary activity located on adjacent private property.  


Closure Permit Application (PDF) 

Send all questions to [email protected]

The application submittal portal is located below.

Outdoor Seating

This permit is for the temporary use of an area where eating establishments, restaurants, or private clubs can expand outdoor seating by placing tables, chairs, benches, and other furnishings for drinking and/or dining purposes on a public sidewalk, public alley, pedestrian way, or parking space. 

Application and Resources: 

Send questions to [email protected].

The application submittal portal is located below.


This permit is for small cell networks that consists of a series of small low-powered antennas—sometimes called nodes—that provide coverage and capacity in a similar way to a tower, and usually attached to existing infrastructure in the public right of way like utility poles or streetlights.  

Application and Resources: 

Send questions to [email protected]

The application submittal portal is located below.


Payment Portal

  • Payment Portal
    1. Use payment option “4-Planning”
    2. Use the DSC Fees and Payment Menu for your specific payment fee:
      • Construction in the Right-of-Way: Section 5.3 (page 9)
      • Temporary Closure: Section 18 (page 19)
      • Outdoor Seating: Section 11.10 (page 16)
      • Small Cell Wireless: Section 13 (page 17)
    3. Save your receipt and payment number to reference in your application.

Submittal Portal

Please use the portal(s) below to submit your application(s). If the online form is not working, please use the direct links, outlined below, for your application:

  1. Construction in the Right-of-Way
  2. Temporary Closures
  3. Outdoor Seating
  4. Small Cell Wireless

Application Submission

Email all applications related to Construction in the right-of-way or on private property to [email protected] .