Third Fork Creek / Lakewood Avenue Stream Stabilization and Enhancement Project (WSM Contract #16892)

Restored Urban Stream in Durham

restored stream channel

project description

The City of Durham plans to construct a stream stabilization and enhancement of Third Fork Creek along Lakewood Avenue. The goals of the proposed project are to protect sidewalks, protect the environment, and improve stream water quality and habitat. Public Works is coordinating this project with Water Management's Lakewood Avenue Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project (WSM contract #16892) in the same area of the city. Phase 1 is located north of Lakewood Avenue, just west of the American Tobacco Trail. Phase 2 is located on the south side of Lakewood Avenue between South Roxboro and South Duke St. For location details, see the Lakewood Ave Stream Stabilization and Enhancement Map.


  • Less sediment will wash into the creek and downstream streams and lakes. Learn about sediment pollution.
  • Stronger and less steep stream banks will reduce ongoing erosion.
  • A diverse selection of native plants will support pollinators, birds, and other animals.
  • The City will maintain planted areas to control invasive plant species.
  • Features such as cross vanes, step pools, and riffles will add habitat areas for animals that live in the stream. The features will also maintain stream channel integrity and protect stream banks.
  • Moving the stream away from damaged sidewalks will protect public infrastructure.
  • The proposed stream stabilization will improve and restore water quality.  The project will increase dissolved oxygen in the water, reduce suspended solids and sediment, and reduce nutrients.

Project Status

Phase 1

Construction is underway for Phase 1, and is expected to be substantially complete in March of 2024.See Water Management's Lakewood Avenue Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project for additional information.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is in the design and planning stage.

project manager

Sandra Wilbur
Phone: 919-560-4326
Email: [email protected]

Public information session #1: December 13, 2022

project information