City Hall Visitor Screening Process

Enhanced City Hall Security Measures Begin December 2022

The safety and security of visitors and City staff are important to us. Due to the high volume of traffic at City Hall, including for our many public meetings, an enhanced security system is now in place. 

Effective December 2022, a free-flow Motorola Solutions Concealed Weapons Detection System (CWD), powered by Evolv Technology, is in use at the front public entrance to City Hall.  

How the Security System Works

Instead of stopping every single visitor with bag checks, emptying pockets, or wanding with metal detectors, the CWD system automatically screens groups of people as they walk through the detector. 

  • Signage, in English and Spanish, is posted to direct visitors who enter the front public entrance to walk through the system.
  • The CWD system uses low frequency radio waves. Watch a demo to learn more about how it operates. 
  • People who are pregnant or have implanted or wearable medical devices may opt for an alternative security screening. 
  • Security guards will operate the CWD system during regular business hours as well as after-hours for public meetings.

Display and Possession of Dangerous Weapons Prohibited

Durham City Code 46-22 and North Carolina General Statute 14-269 collectively prohibit the possession of dangerous weapons while in City Hall.   

  • No individual will be allowed to enter City Hall with a dangerous weapon. 
  • A dangerous weapon includes, but is not limited to, firearms, explosive or incendiary devices, bowie knife, switch blade knife, dirks, daggers, slung shots, loaded canes, metallic knuckles, razors, shurikens, stun guns, or other deadly weapons of like kind. 
  • An individual should secure lawfully possessed weapons before attempting to enter the building.
  • A few exceptions exist for law enforcement with proper identifying credentials, including Durham Police Department officers who are required by policy to carry a duty weapon, military and civil officers.

Evolv City Hall Main Entrance