Alma and Evergreen Streets Water Main Project

Project Facts 

  • The Department of Water Management will replace the existing deteriorating waterlines along Alma Street between Juniper Street and Holloway Street and on Evergreen Street between N. Driver Street and N. Guthrie Ave.
  • The design phase will commence in early 2023 and is expected to last approximately six to nine months.
  • Construction phase is expected to begin in spring of 2024 and last 12 months with completion expected in early 2025.


  • Why is this work needed?
    • The project will replace waterlines in the project area that were installed in the 1930s and have reached the end of their useable life. The project area does not include areas that were previously rehabilitated or replaced.
  • What impacts can be expected during the Study/Design phase of the project?
    • Field survey of the existing utilities in the project area.
    • Non-toxic temporary paint will be used to mark the location of buried utilities in the project area. The temporary paint will wash away in several weeks depending on rain, traffic, etc.
    • Localized borings will be required to obtain subsurface utility engineering (SUE) information about existing utility locations and geotechnical conditions.
    • Sound levels associated with localized borings are anticipated to be between 70 and 90 decibels.
    • Pedestrian and traffic impacts within the project limits are expected to be limited.
    • Small pavement cuts may be required and will be patched.
    • Work of this nature will be conducted within daytime hours. If “off hours” work is required, advance notice shall be provided.
  • What impacts can be expected during the construction phase of the project?
    • Construction will not occur on private properties. All property owners will be provided notice in advance of construction near their property.
    • There will be pedestrian, traffic, and noise impacts during construction.
    • The City’s contractor will be required to maintain access to residences and businesses at all times.
    • Sound levels near active construction areas are anticipated to be between 70 and 90 decibels, with some work in high traffic areas occurring during overnight hours.
    • Appropriate communication and signage will direct property owners, residents, and visitors through the area with regards to any impacts throughout construction.
    • At the completion of the project, disturbed areas along roadways and sidewalks will be repaved, and lawns will be graded and reseeded.
  • What is geotechnical boring and Level A SUE?
    • Subcontractors for the City of Durham will be performing subsurface investigations throughout the project area to locate existing buried utilities and determine soil properties. This information will be used to avoid conflicts with existing utilities during the design and construction phases, in addition to allowing the contractor to prepare for anticipated soil conditions during construction. Lane closures lasting several hours will be used at each of the subsurface investigation locations throughout the project area. Small amounts of soil will be removed via an auger or vacuum to complete the investigation, followed by repairing the excavation.
  • Will my water service be affected by the project?
    • During the construction phase, existing water meters in the project area will be reconnected to the newly installed waterlines. It is possible that you will be without water for a short duration (typically a few hours) while this transition takes place. Any service interruptions will be communicated with property owners in advance.
  • How do I get more information?
    • The City will provide status updates via the City website on its page for current projects. You may also contact the project contacts listed above. Public Meetings will be scheduled to discuss the project in more detail, address transportation or other impacts, and answer any other questions regarding the project.

Project Map

Map of the Alma and Evergreen areas where the where the waterline will be replaced. Opens in new window