Planning Inspection and Compliance Forms

Below are the forms and checklists to complete a site inspection with the Durham City-County Planning Department. Completed forms or questions need to be emailed to [email protected] . You can also contact the department at 919-560-4137.

Outdoor Lighting Certification (PDF)

Adequate lighting shall be provided in nonresidential and multifamily developments conforming to professional engineering standards. The purpose of these standards is to assure that adequate exterior lighting is provided for nonresidential and multifamily developments to facilitate crime prevention, security, and safe passage, and that exterior lights be shielded so that the light cast beyond the property line does not exceed the limits in accordance with these standards.

Landscape Extension Request Form (PDF)

With this approved application and surety bond, a Conditional Certificate of Compliance may be issued for the project. This certifies that all landscape material will be installed and all related site work completed in compliance with the approved site plan by an approved completion date.

Landscape Compliance Certification (PDF)

A Landscape Compliance Certification is required for many projects as part of the site inspection process. This document certifies that any required plantings were installed in accordance with the applicable UDO and Durham Landscape Manual standards.

Planning Inspection Checklist (PDF)

The purpose of this checklist is to inform and identify areas that the City-County Planning Department inspects prior to receipt of a Certificate of Compliance. This list is not all-inclusive, but should be viewed as representative of typical site work that is shown on approved site plans. A copy of the approved site plan with a Planning Department stamp shall be on site at all times during construction. The Planning Department representative will not perform a site compliance inspection unless the approved site plan is present.

Request for Planning Inspection Sign-Off Request

The following items require an Inspection by the Planning Department to confirm compliance with the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).

  • Building Permit Certificate of Occupancy (CO). See Planning Inspection Checklist above.
  • Signs 
  • Retaining Wall 
  • Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)
  • Properties with Historic/Design District designation
  • Subdivision Common areas 

For more information and to request a planning inspection, use Planning Inspection Request link. 

Note: You will only be contacted if your presence at the inspection is necessary. The inspection will be conducted in the next available time slot based on the of inspection and site location.  Inspections for Certificate of Occupancy will generally be completed within two completed working days following the day the request was entered. Non-occupancy inspections such as signs and retaining walls will be worked into the inspections schedule based on their location, generally within five working days from the request.