Major and Transportation Special Use Permits

Some developments require the approval of a major site plan. These include developments that also require a major special use permit (MSUP), a transportation special use permit (TSUP), or are located in a Watershed Protection Overlay Critical Area (A), as defined in Unified Development Ordinance Section 4.11, Watershed Protection Overlay, with impervious surface that exceeds the maximum permitted by the Low Density Option under UDO Section 8.7, Watershed Protection Overlay Standards. The major site plan linked to one of these cases is reviewed by staff from the same departments that review Level 2 to Level 4 site plans, utilizing the same regulations and guidelines. 

Per the Use Table in UDO Section 5.1, some developments require approval of an MSUP before the accompanying major site plan may be approved. Both the MSUP and the major site plan are approved by the Governing Body for the jurisdiction in which the development is located (City Council in the City’s jurisdiction and Board of County Commissioners in the County’s jurisdiction). The Governing Body’s decision is made based on the findings and review factors found in UDO paragraph 3.9.8, Criteria for Approval of Major or Minor Special Use Permits.

Developments that are expected to generate 600 or more vehicle trips at peak hour or 300 or more vehicle trips at peak hour, if any road serving the project is not constructed to handle the traffic proposed per the City’s standards for road improvements and service must have an approved TSUP before a major site plan may approved. Exemptions to this requirement may be found in UDO paragraph 3.9.9B. The Governing Body makes its decision based on the criteria found in UDO paragraph 3.9.9C.

The approval process for each of these requests requires a quasi-judicial public hearing (that is, a courtroom-like procedure) where the applicant must prove specific findings in order for the approving body to grant an approval. This usually requires the hiring of experts to provide expert witness testimony. Applicants with MSUP or TSUP requests must demonstrate that the proposed development will meet the specific findings and review factors for the appropriate special use permit. Any findings or review factors that are not shown on the site plan must be demonstrated through the narrative summary submitted as part of the MSUP/TSUP application.

pre-submittal meeting is required before an application for any of the case types may be submitted. To schedule a pre-submittal meeting with Planning staff to discuss the procedures, standards, and regulations applicable for submittal of an application, see the link below under “Next Steps and Applications, Pre-submittal Meeting.” It is very helpful if applicants upload a site sketch or preliminary plan of the proposal before the pre-submittal meeting. Plans should be transmitted at the same time the meeting is scheduled as step 2 of the scheduling process.


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