Vision and Mission


To guide the Durham Cultural Roadmap planning process, Durham Cultural Advisory Board developed a vision, mission, and values in 2022.


We envision a thriving arts and culture sector in Durham. We celebrate the cultural practices, histories, institutions, and individuals that define Durham’s art and culture sector. We work towards the preservation of Durham’s cultural heritage, the protection of cultural assets and the equitable distribution of resources to artists, cultural workers, and organizations in the arts and culture sector for the benefit of all Durham residents. We welcome new stories and strive to embrace and extend Durham’s cultural community to all residents and visitors of Durham. 


Our mission is to create a five-year plan through inclusive, accessible, and equitable county-wide engagement processes that will maintain, grow, and sustain the arts and culture sector in Durham for the next decade and beyond. 

To learn more about the Vision, Mission and Values, visit: 

Cultural Roadmap Vision & Values (PDF) 

Hoja de Ruta Cultural - Visión, misión y valores (PDF)