About the Cultural Roadmap Planning Group

Cultural Roadmap Planning Group

Visit the Durham Cultural Roadmap website for the list of Cultural Roadmap Planning Group Chairs and Members, here: durhamculturalroadmap.org.

The Cultural Roadmap Planning Group is steering the Durham Cultural Roadmap from the beginning of the planning process to the final recommended plan. The Cultural Roadmap Planning Group represents the public and private sector, philanthropy, neighborhoods, education, cultural groups, artists, cultural workers, and other creatives, in addition to young people. The Cultural Roadmap Planning Group members were selected by the Durham Cultural Advisory Board through a robust application and review process. All members of the group live and/or work in Durham.   

The Cultural Roadmap Planning Group is led by Co-Chairs Steve Schewel, former Mayor of the City of Durham and Zena Howard, Principal & Managing Director at Perkins & Will, alongside the Honorary Co-Chairs, Mayor Pro Tempore Mark Anthony Middleton and Chair of the County Commissioners Brenda Howerton.  

What is the role of the Planning Group? 
Members of the Planning Group are unpaid volunteers who will inform the planning process. The Planning Group’s role is to advise and support the delivery of plan outputs and achievement of plan outcomes. Responsibilities include: 

  • Inform development of the plan consultant scope of work and selection process; 
  • Shape and participate in the community engagement process; 
  • Advise on plan development, identify priorities, evaluation strategy, and plan outcomes; 
  • Monitor the plan as it develops, including risks and timelines; 
  • Recommend refinements to the planning process where needed; and 
  • Present and promote the plan to residents and elected officials. 

The Planning Group provides support, guidance and oversight for the planning progress. City and County cultural and public art program staff will provide administrative support and will hold logistical responsibility for the planning process. Staff liaisons will attend Planning Group meetings to report on progress and answer any questions raised by members. The Planning Group will be led by two active co‐chairs as well as two honorary co‐chairs representing City Council and the Board of County Commissioners. 

How often will the Planning Group meet? 
The Planning Group will normally meet monthly. More frequent meetings may be held at the beginning of the planning process. Smaller working groups formed by Planning Group members and other community members may be used as needed. Planning Group meetings are open to the public. For information on how to join the meeting, contact [email protected]

Background on Call for Applicants for Cultural Roadmap Planning Group:

Durham Cultural Roadmap Planning Group

Grupo de Planeación de la Hoja de Ruta Cultural