Learning with Durham’s Community Safety Department (DCSD)

Welcome! Thanks for your interest in connecting with our team. We are proud to be part of a growing national community of alternative response programs, and learning from one another continues to be an integral part of growing this movement. Below provides two options for interested parties to learn more from DCSD:

1. Request a Site Visit

To understand a bit more about your priorities and to make our time together as useful as possible, we created a form that we ask you to fill out before deciding next steps. Someone from our team will follow up to your inquiry. 

2. view our Resource Library

Some of your questions might be more easily answered through documents we have readily available. For the purpose of shared learning, we are compiling a growing list of resources, organized by topic, below. More links will be added over time. 

Welcoming new staff
HEART Operations
  • Departmental policies
    Includes: eligible calls by program, dispatch protocols, scene safety protocols, and more 
  • Sample responder schedule (coming soon
  • Supply inventory list (coming soon
Data & Learning