W. Main St. Resurfacing

Improve mobility and connectivity for people who walk, bike, use transit, and drive. 

Lead Department/Agency: North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) (State-owned roads)

Design Team: City of Durham Transportation

Contact Information: 
[email protected] 

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Project Description

Resurfacing is an opportunity to restripe roadways to improve safety for people who walk, bike, use transit, and drive. Resurfacing occurs on State and City-owned and maintained roadways to improve and preserve pavement conditions. However, because this project uses roads that already exist, improvements are limited to changes to pavement paint markings. For example, you can improve or add bike lanes and crosswalks, but this project will not allow you to address needs beyond the width of the road, such as building a new sidewalk. 

Additionally, changes proposed by the City to Main St. which is a State-owned roadway, must adhere to NCDOT standards, so there may not be as many opportunities for improvements on these roadways.


W Main St. from Ninth St. to N Buchanan Blvd. 


This design project is City-funded through the Capital Improvements Program.

PROJECT SCHEDULEEngagement graphic with arrows down

  • Project Kick-Off: November 2023
  • Engagement: December 2023 - February 4, 2024
  • Anticipated Design Completion: February 2024
  • Anticipated Construction Start: May 2024
  • Anticipated Construction Completion: November 2024

Project Schedule Status

The City of Durham Transportation Department is conducting field investigation and traffic analysis, developing the design plans, and will hold one engagement meeting and pop-up event for Main Street. The team began data collection in December 2023 and is currently in the public engagement phase. 


Remix Interactive Map

View and provide comments on the Remix interactive map by Sunday, February 4, 2024.
Main St Remix Map Screenshot with Comments

Note: NCDOT has not approved the draft designs shown on the Remix map. 

Cross-Sectional Design

View the full draft cross-sectional design PDF.
Main St Cross Section Example 
Note: NCDOT has not approved the draft designs shown in the cross-section designs. 

Upcoming community engagement
Engagement graphic with arrow to the left

The City will host public open houses and pop-up meetings for each corridor in winter and early spring 2024. Beginning in January, City staff will host public open houses and pop-up events to discuss pavement marking changes for each roadway. Planners and engineers will attend these events to explain the work, gather feedback, and answer questions.

Public Comment Survey

We want to hear from you! Complete the short Main St. survey by Sunday, February 4, 2024. 

Open House

The public can drop in at any time during the scheduled open house event. A Spanish translator will be present, please contact [email protected] if other language assistance is needed.  

EK Powe Elementary School, media center (913 9th St.)Thursday, January 25, 20245:30 PM to 7:00 PM

Pop-Up Event

The public can drop by anytime during the scheduled pop-up event. A Spanish interpreter will be accessible by phone at the pop-up event. Please contact [email protected] if other language assistance or accommodations are needed.

Perry St. and Broad St. & Broad St. and Main St. Tuesday, January 30, 202412:00 PM to 4:00 PM 

2024 NCDOT Road Resurfacing Project List with Details