Major Redevelopment Projects

Downtown & Neighborhood Current Development Projects

  • EPA Brownfields Initiative for North East Central Durham
  • Fayetteville Commercial Corridor
  • Hill Building
  • Historic Parrish Street
  • McPherson Redevelopment
  • Northeast Central Durham Initiative
  • Targeted Neighborhood Commercial Area Streetscape
  • Woolworth Site Redevelopment

EPA Brownfields Initiative for Northeast Central Durham

This site provides information on the City of Durham's EPA Brownfields Program. Here, you can find out about the program's latest events and happenings, report a brownfields site in your area, and track progress at selected properties.

Northeast Central Durham Initiative

The Northeast Central Durham Initiative is a large area identified by the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) and targeted for economic development incentives.

Within Northeast Central Durham a smaller 96-block area has been identified for redevelopment using HOPE VI federal funding. The Durham Housing Authority is investing in the area through the HOPE VI initiative, using federal, local and private funds. The OEWD Workforce Development team is also working with the HOPE VI project to provide training opportunities for NECD residents. Through Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funding, several construction related on-the-job training (OJT) opportunities are in the development phase.

While the City of Durham’s Housing Department is investing in the Barnes Avenue Project, OEWD’s focus is on the economic revitalization of commercial areas. Particular focus is being placed on the commercial districts along Angier and Driver Streets; Main and Alston Streets; and the area surrounding the future TTA Transit Station adjacent to Pettigrew Street and Alston Avenue.
OEWD has established a small business assistance program to encourage and support Durham small businesses with start-up, expansion and retention efforts. These efforts also include technical assistance, loans and façade matching grants.

Fayetteville Commercial Corridor

The Fayetteville Commercial Corridor near downtown Durham, is an historic African American business corridor. Part of the larger former black business community known as Hayti, this commercial area has been identified for economic incentives including business loans and façade improvement grants. OEWD is working closely with North Carolina Central University and other community leaders on redevelopment plans and projects for this important and historic corridor.

Neighborhood Commercial Development Projects

Neighborhood Commercial Development Projects are areas across Durham that OEWD has identified historic and significant small scale business districts. Areas such as Old Five Points, West End, Fayetteville Street Commercial Corridor, Ninth Street, Northeast Central Durham and East Durham need support to gain vibrancy again. While the building stock remains, much of the business presence has been lost. For a continued sense of community through neighborhood business success, OEWD is working to develop an incentive program in these targeted neighborhood commercial districts to encourage expansion and relocation of existing businesses and the start up of new businesses in these areas. The incentive program would be added to loans and small façade grants to assist property owners and small businesses thrive in these key strategic areas.

Streetscape Design for Targeted Neighborhood Commercial Areas

This program works to enhance the design and visual appeal of five existing commercial corridors in Durham to promote economic development in the identified communities. Local residents, businesses, developers and other key stakeholders have the opportunity to participate in this process through open meetings. Community input will assist in designing corridors that match each area’s unique infrastructure, aesthetics, and functionality.

Streetscape projects include: