Fire Operations


As the largest division in the Durham Fire Department, Fire Operations is responsible for:

Emergency response, which includes fire suppression, emergency medical incident stabilization, vehicle extrication and basic response

  • Mitigation of hazardous materials release occurrences
  • Technical rescue incidents, such as swift-water rescue

In addition to emergency response, the Fire Operations Division maintains approximately 13,000 fire hydrants to ensure operational readiness. Other non-emergency response activities include public education through in-house and out-reach programs and working to meet the needs of all residents and visitors of Durham.

Personnel in Hazmat Suits
Damaged Truck with Stuffed Wool E Bull in Windshield

Special Operations Teams

The division has three special operations teams:  Hazmat, Technical Rescue and USAR.  These teams are made up from the department’s existing operational units and have the following rescue disciplines:

  • Confined Space
  • Hazard Materials Emergencies
  • Rope Rescue High/Low Angle
  • Structural Collapse
  • Swift Water
  • Trench
  • Vehicle Extrication


Three division chiefs assigned to the Operations Division oversee daily operations of four battalions.  These battalions are led by twelve battalion chiefs who are responsible for the daily activities of 19 stations, 16 engines and four ladder companies, as well as the mobile support unit. They serve as incident managers at emergency scenes - developing strategic plans and making tactical assignments. They also provide training, guidance, and support for front line supervisors ensuring that they are prepared to successfully fulfill their responsibilities. Each battalion chief manages numerous projects and programs that contribute to the department’s overall success. The battalions are strategically located throughout the City as shown below.
Battalion 1 Fire Station 5 2212 Chapel Hill Road Durham, NC 27707 Phone: 919-560-4245
Battalion 2 Fire Station 14 1327 Umstead Road Durham, NC 27712 Phone: 919-560-4251
Battalion 3 Fire Station 18 1403 Seaton Road Durham, NC 27713 Phone: 919-361-0927
Battalion 4 Fire Station 17 5503 Leesville Road Durham, NC 27707 Phone: 919-237-4151