2010 Bond Funded Repaving Projects (ST-250-253)

Background Information
On November 2, 2010, Durham voters approved the $20 million bond referendum for continued repaving of Durham streets. Consistent with the commitment made by the city administration, the Public Works Department has prepared bid packages for the work to be performed during the next two paving seasons; April through October of 2011 and 2012.

Contractor Opportunity
To provide the maximum opportunity for contractors, large and small, the repaving work funded by the bond has been split into 4 equal contracts. Each contract is a collection of streets with pavement condition ratings (PCR) of Very Poor or Poor. that are closely connected to allow for a logical procession of work, while minimizing equipment movement from one street to the next.

The order in which the streets are to be repaved over the next 2 years has been established by the Public Works Department and follows the proximity of streets in each of the 4 project areas. The sequencing is also important over the 2 year life of the projects in that it establishes a timeline for the City of Durham Department of Water Management, and other utilities, to identify and complete subsurface repairs or improvements prior to repaving.

Project Information