Development Review

Robert Joyner (ext. 30229) is the development review group manager for the Engineering and Stormwater Services Development Review sections. These sections process development activity requests for all City of Durham Engineering and Stormwater Services related topics.

Each section has a series of supervisors. The Reference Guide for Development can answer most questions for these sections. For specific information or questions, contact a reviewer.

Engineering Development Review Section
The City of Durham Engineering Development Review section is tasked with reviewing zoning, site plans, preliminary plats, construction drawings, building permits and final plats as these items relate to the City of Durham public and private road standards, sidewalk, water system, fire protection systems, sanitary sewer system and stormwater drainage and conveyance systems. Meet the Engineering Development Review Section staff.

Engineering Services Section
The Engineering Services section is tasked with processing new applications for water and sewer services, petition requests for new improvements (water, sewer, street, sidewalk), processing and invoicing water and sewer permits, assessment of petitioned improvements, processing pending assessment inquiries, and maintaining the city accepted street (Powell Bill) listing, among other things. Meet the Engineering Services Section staff.