Business Security Surveys
Crime prevention officers will provide recommendations for dealing with inventory shrinkage control, shoplifting, internal theft and office security. The officers provide advice on how to detect and prevent crimes, as well as on what to do once a crime has occurred.

Robbery Prevention
Crime prevention officers will provide recommendations for preventing bank robberies, armed robberies and strong-arm robberies. The officers provide specific suggestions about placement of tellers, cash drawers, entry / exit ways, etc. The officers also provide information about what to do once a robbery has occurred.

Durham Businesses Against Crime

The Durham Businesses Against Crime (DBAC) meet regularly to discuss crime issues and come up with solutions to specific crime problems.

Court Watch Program
The group is currently participating in a "Court Watch" program, where participants follow the court proceedings of defendants arrested for crimes against businesses. The program's goals are to educate participants about the criminal justice system and encourage the court system to enact stiffer penalties.

The DBAC is also lobbying for new laws and ordinances to increase the penalties for various crimes against business owners and employees.

For more information about DBAC, please call your district crime prevention officer.

Callback Numbers
Callback numbers are assigned to Durham businesses by crime prevention officers. The Police Department keeps the numbers in a file and accesses them when an emergency is discovered by police officers or firefighters at a business during non-business hours. Each business callback file includes employee names and phone numbers to be contacted in case of an emergency.

Any business without callback numbers on file is asked to call your district crime prevention officer.