Engineering Inspections

The Engineering Inspections Group provides traditional inspections services for the street, water, sewer and storm water infrastructure that is built by the development community, as well as the infrastructure and resurfacing that is constructed by city contracts and by NCDOT where city utilities are involved. The Engineering Inspections Supervisor is Eric Halstead, PE.


The services involve every aspect of public works infrastructure construction (clearing, grading, sub-grade preparation, trenching, pipe laying, concrete work, stone installation, road bed approval, paving, etc), and the inspectors provide the front-line assurance that the installation is in accordance with all applicable standards. Each inspector maintains a daily diary of their observations and approvals at each of the sites they visit. The inspectors also approve daily quantities for payment on city contracts as part of their routine inspection activities.

In addition, the inspections group also provides approval for home and commercial construction as part of the final step toward gaining a certificate of occupancy; they are responsible for examining the driveway connection(s) to the street, the public sidewalk (if required), and the portion of the public right of way in front of the lot to ensure that it is in conformance with the approved plans and standards.

Other Important Services

There are several other very important services that the inspections group provides, namely:
  • Permitting and inspecting the installation of electric, telephone, cable TV, gas and other incidental utilities in the public right of way.
  • Approving as-built infrastructure drawings and digital submittals for construction projects, and
  • Filing and tracking surety bonds and other financial instruments posted by the development community in conjunction with obtaining plat approval for their projects.
All work performed in the public Right-Of-Way requires a minimum of 24 hour notice.  Asphalt, concrete, water, sewer, storm, driveway apron(s), and final R/W inspections also require a 24 hour notice & should be requested by completing the Engineering Inspection Request Form.

If you need additional assistance please email or call the Engineering Inspections supervisory staff.