The police department holds several events where children can get fingerprinted. The fingerprint cards are given to the child's parents or guardians for safekeeping. This is particularly useful in cases of missing children. Call your district crime prevention officer for more information.


Tours of Police Headquarters

District Community Resource Officers will provide tours of police headquarters, which include walk-throughs of various divisions and an opportunity for children to ask officers questions. The children often can see demonstrations by specialized units such as the Motorcycle Unit and the K-9 Unit.

The Durham Police Department Summer Camps

Customarily, the department offers a free, week-long camp in June, July and August of each year. Open to youth ages nine to 13, the camp features daily field trips, and a variety of recreational, educational and social activities that create positive and fun interactions among police officers and campers. DPD summer camps aim to add structured youth activities to the summer months and to strengthen law enforcement's relationship with participating youth and their families. DPD Summer Camp registration forms are processed on a first come, first served basis.