Design/Survey/Locate Group

Design Group

The design group provides traditional services pertaining to street design for curb and gutter and ribbon paving including storm water collection and piping, as well as water and sewer extensions. These projects come to the group through Resident Petitions and City Council Enabling Act for infrastructure. The design group also provides services for new sidewalk and curb ramp construction and repair, as well as project specific advice on street and trail resurfacing, emergency utility repairs and construction projects.

In addition to the design responsibilities, the group is charged with the following tasks:
  • Disseminating fire flow test data and performing new tests for the development community as they are required
  • Evaluating proposed petition projects for constructability
  • Review and approval of NCDOT construction projects that affect the city’s water, sewer and storm water infrastructure; including municipal and utility agreements, and getting those agreements through the City Council approval process

Survey Group

The survey group provides the traditional data collection services associated with the design of Civil Engineering projects, and also serves other departments in the city by assisting with mapping, platting of properties to be acquired or liquidated, the delineation of easements and public rights-of-way, and property and boundary research and surveys.

As a result, in addition to its responsibilities within the Department of Public Works the Survey group has been called on to provide support and services to General Services, Parks and Recreation,  Water Management and the Police Departments.

Utility Locate Services

To locate public utilities (water, sewer, stormwater) call 811 or go to the WEB site  To locate private water or sewer lines contact private utility companies.