SCM As-Built & BMC (Maintenance) Programs

All BMP annual inspection reports must be submitted electronically (e.g. via email) by the end of the BMP’s annual anniversary month (AAM), (e.g. the month when the inspection is due). If you have any questions or need to find out the AAM for a particular facility, contact Stormwater Services via email or call 919-560-4326.

BMP Hand-off Meetings

A stormwater BMP hand-off meeting is a meeting between the development’s homeowner association (HOA), the developer, and city staff. This meeting occurs after approval of the BMP as-built drawings. This meeting is to provide a smooth transfer of BMPs from the developer to the HOA, and to provide an opportunity for the HOA to better understand their obligations, developer’s responsibilities, and city requirements. At this time, the meeting is not a requirement. For information, refer to the HOA Bulletin​ or email us.


BMP - (Stormwater) Best Management Practice: Examples include: wet pond, constructed wetland, bioretention area, and sand filter.  Also known as a Stormwater Control Measure (SCM).

BMC - BMP Maintenance Certifier: This certification is required to submit BMP Annual Maintenance Certifications of stormwater BMPs to the City of Durham.

SCM As-Built - This occurs after an SCM has been constructed. The construction of an SCM is certified as to its surveyed constructed condition in relation to the approved design for the facility.

Documents Required for SCM As-Builts

Section 8.6 of our Reference Guide for Development:
For as-built certification forms as PDF fillable forms, see

BMP Maintenance Program Documents

Updated October 1, 2013:

Inspection Checklists: PDF Fillable

Updated October 1, 2013:
Important Note: The current version of the PDF fillable inspection checklists are not compatible with android and iOS based devices. Each checklist contains a security feature which disables form editing features upon usage of the digital signature.Therefore, it is recommended that you save an additional unsigned copy of your entered data prior to using the digital signature.

Inspection Checklists - Not PDF Fillable

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