Situational Warrants

Taking Out a Warrant Against an Offender
In North Carolina, a police officer can only make a misdemeanor arrest when the offense is committed in his/her presence (and certain other specific times). Because of this, an officer may tell you that you need to go take out a warrant against the offender because the offense did not occur in his presence. For example, if someone assaults you and the officer tells you to go take out a warrant on the suspect, you must go to Durham County Magistrate's Office at the Durham County Jail at 219 South Mangum Street. Note that you need to know the suspect's name and address and be totally sober (not have any alcohol on your breath) before the magistrate will issue you a warrant.

Additional Information

The public entrance to the Durham County Jail is on the Mangum Street side. You can park for free in the gravel lot across the street from the public entrance between Vivian and Pettigrew Streets. To find out a court date, go to North Carolina Court System website.