Fire Protection System Permits

Fire prevention permits are required for any work performed on fire protection systems in all buildings and structures except 1-and-2 family dwellings. This requirement applies to new construction, upfits and renovations as well as system retrofit work in existing buildings.

Plans and specifications, including system calculations as needed, must be submitted to the City of Durham Inspections Department for review and approval/permit prior to commencing work on the system.

Required With the Submittal

Including fire protection system submittals within the building permit plans submittal package is strongly encouraged. This will enable quicker review of submittals and issuance of permits. A fire protection system work permit application for each fire protection system must accompany these submittals. Including the building permit number on the fire protection system permit application will further expedite review in the event fire protection system submittals cannot be included in the building permit plans submittal package.

Fire protection systems include fire alarm, sprinkler/standpipe, smoke detection, cooking equipment fire suppression systems or any other fire protective signaling or suppression system.

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Email the City of Durham Fire Plans Examiner or call 919-560-1199 for any questions regarding this program.