Technology Solutions Department (TS)


The City of Durham information technology strategies are aligned to promote City of Durham’s mission; “to provide quality services to make Durham a great place to live, work, and play”. Using a mature IT Governance model, the City has been able to effectively align innovative IT solutions to the City’s five strategic goals:


•             Innovative and High-Performing Organization,

•             Creating a Safer Community Together,  

•             Shared Economic Prosperity,

•             Connected, Engaged, and Diverse Communities,

•             Sustainable Natural and Built Environment.



Additionally, The Technology Solutions (TS) department has realigned itself to promote a new service catalogue for its customers. This includes providing new broadband service utilizing fiber connectivity to all business units and Durham Public Housing residents (this is part of our strategy to reduce the digital divide while enhancing broadband capabilities for all City business units). Other recent enhanced programs are cyber security and data analytics, which are very critical and strategic to the City’s success in serving its residents. Technology Solutions has added a Chief Technology Officer and a Chief Data Officer to provide additional senior leadership as IT at the City grows.


The Department of Technology Solutions aligns the City’s information technology infrastructure and systems to the business needs of the City’s departments. It designs, implements and maintains the technology hardware, applications and programs.

Guided by the City’s Strategic Plan, Technology Solutions ensures that its services support making Durham a great place to live, work and play by helping provide a well-managed city and stewardship of the City’s physical assets.