Cart Information

 New Construction
If your house was newly constructed or your property was just annexed into the City, please submit a request for new carts here or call 919-560-1200.
Replacement Carts

 The only circumstances in which the Solid Waste Management Department will provide replacement carts are when carts are stolen or damaged beyond repair. The first cart will be replaced at no fee.

 Carts will normally be replaced with another repaired cart. Please submit a request here or call 919-560-1200, and leave your cart at the curb for servicing. 

Damaged Carts

 If any cart (garbage, yard waste, or recycling) is damaged in a way that interferes with its normal operation or if a collector leaves tags on the cart, submit a request here or call 919-560-1200. A repair technician will either repair damaged carts on site or leave a repaired cart and remove the damaged one. The damaged cart should be left at the curb until serviced. 

 Additional Carts

 Customers may request up to three additional green garbage carts for a $1.50 monthly fee for each additional cart. Customers may request up to 3 additional brown yard waste carts at $1.50 monthly fee each. 

 Customers may have up to 4 blue recycling carts at no fee.  One cart is standard, three additional per household may be requested. 
To request additional carts, submit a request here or call 919-560-1200.

Intentional Damage
 City Ordinances impose a $100 civil penalty plus the cost of a cart to anyone who intentionally damages a rollout cart. 

Green - Garbage

Green Garbage Cart

Blue - Recycling

Blue Recycling Cart

Brown - Yard Waste

Brown Yard Waste Cart