Waste Disposal & Recycling Center

Disposal Guidelines

All loads entering the transfer station must be covered and secured or financial penalties may apply. All vehicles disposing of waste must stop at the scale house to be weighed before being directed to the proper location for unloading. All loads are subject to random screening to prevent contamination by illegal or hazardous materials. Scale operators will determine whether a load is in compliance with federal, state and local guidelines. Loads deemed not in compliance will be subject to a surcharge.

Hazardous materials, medical waste, radioactive materials, and liquid waste are not accepted. All fluids must be removed from lawn equipment prior to disposal. Tires must be removed from riding lawn mowers before disposal.

Most common CURRENT FEES

Part 14-101 (Municipal Solid Waste at Waste Recycling and Disposal Center)

Transfer Station

1.  Municipal solid waste delivered by commercial vehicles.

Per ton


Convenience Center

5.  Municipal solid waste -- flat rates for non-commercial vehicles.

When brought in a ¾ ton pick-up truck,.  the charge is by volume.

Clearly below top of bed


Approximately even with top of bed


Above top of bed


When brought in a minivan, station wagon, or small SUV,. the charge is per vehicle.


When brought in a full size van, or full size SUV,. the charge is per vehicle.


When brought in a passenger car,. the charge is per vehicle.


View the whole City fee schedule (under the city legal resources tab)

View the fee schedule section for the Waste Disposal and Recycle Center here

Uncovered / Unsecured loads are now subject to double tipping fees!

Used Tires

  • Five or fewer tires, off the rim only – no charge
  • Tire retailers/haulers with DENR certification may bring tires at no charge only if all the tires are off the rim. Copies of car titles or E-500G tax forms may be required as proof of eligibility for free disposal.
  • All others - $91 per ton
Tires are only accepted Monday through Friday.


We collect the following forms of payment:
  • Debit/credit cards with the Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover logo
  • Checks
  • Customer Accounts
  • *Sorry no cash is accepted at this time.

Convenience Center & Tipping Floor

The convenience center disposal area is for customers who are manually unloading items; for example waste that is in a pick-up truck or car. The tipping floor is for customers whose vehicle has hydraulic dumping capability. No hand unloading takes place on the tipping floor.