Exempt (Non-curbside) Service

The Department of Solid Waste Management is pleased to offer exempt collection of garbage, recyclables, and yard waste to qualified residents. Exempt collection means the resident is physically unable and does not have anyone else at the residence to roll the green garbage, brown yard waste, or blue recycling carts to the curb for collection.


To qualify for exempt collection the resident must:

  • Have a physical disability preventing you from rolling the carts to the curb.
  • Not have any other occupant or long-term guest residing in the home with the ability to roll the cart to the curb.

If you believe that you qualify for this special service, please call us at 919-560-1200 for an initial screening.

Within 1 week of receiving the request for exempt collection service, a representative from Solid Waste Management will contact you by phone and schedule an appointment to verify service requirements. At that meeting the supervisor will confirm the members of your household and if approved, advise you of the proper location for your garbage, recycling, and/or yard waste cart.

At the end of the meeting, the supervisor will confirm or deny your exempt status. If your status is confirmed, allow 2 collection cycles for the service to begin. If you do not start receiving exempt collection after two weeks, call 919-560-1200 to speak with a Durham One Call representative. The department will make an annual phone call to ensure that all information on file is accurate.

If you have multiple garbage, recycling or yard waste carts, only one cart of each type will be serviced at the house. All other carts and/or bags must be brought curbside for service.


Your cart’s location must be:
  • In front of or beside your residence
  • Less than 100 feet from the street
  • Out of the danger of dogs
  • Visible from the street

Tidy Far Away Cart
Man Tilting Waste Cart