Important Announcements

The City of Durham is moving forward with text amendments to the Stormwater Performance Standards for Development in the City Code (Chapter 70, Article X, Sections 70-736 through 70-744).  These proposed revisions are primarily to address 15A NCAC02B .0711 Neuse Nutrient Strategy: Stormwater, which was re-adopted effective April 1, 2020.  The proposed revisions also include various other items needing updates and clarification.  These proposed revisions were publicly noticed for comment in the summer of 2021 (the close of the voluntary public comment period was July 31, 2021).  With delays in the approval process to the initial timeline for adoption, the Public Works Department is bringing these proposed text revisions forward for a public hearing and City Council approval on April 17, 2023. Upon adoption by City Council, the revised Stormwater Ordinance shall be effective May 1, 2023.  To view the revisions to the Stormwater Ordinance, please visit Proposed Revisions - Stormwater Performance Standards for Development