Watershed Restoration

The Watershed Restoration group works to evaluate watershed conditions and implement projects that will improve the health of our watersheds. Please refer to the information on individual project pages for more details and contact information. 

South Ellerbe Restoration Project

Information and plans for the stream and wetland restoration project at 808 West Trinity Avenue.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure

The Stormwater Division within the Public Works Department finds innovative ways to include green infrastructure practices throughout the city.

Stream Vegetation Management

Contract to manage invasive plant species within stream restoration conservation easements.

Catch Basin Insert Pilot Study

Pilot project to test catch basin inserts upstream of the South Ellerbe Restoration Project site in an effort to reduce the amount of litter removal needed at the project site and to determine if catch basin inserts are feasible for other locations. 

Ellerbe Creek Projects

Learn about the ongoing projects in the Ellerbe Creek Watershed. 

Rain Catchers 2.0

A total of 8 rain gardens and 14 cisterns were installed under this rain catchers project.

watershed planning

Working Towards Healthy Watersheds Brochure (PDF)

We can better understand how our actions affect local streams, lakes, and water supplies by studying the watershed. The City develops Watershed Improvement Plans to assess watershed health and identify water quality improvement projects in the local watersheds. This is part of the City of Durham’s continued efforts to improve the health of our streams, protect our regional water supply, and comply with water quality regulations.

Each plan linked below includes an engineering study and assessment that evaluates watershed conditions, sets watershed restoration goals, and analyzes the best ways to improve water quality through stormwater retrofits, stream restoration projects, and other strategies. Potential projects are prioritized for possible future implementation.

Active Watershed Improvement Plan

Completed Watershed Improvement Plans