Fire Department


City of Durham Fire Administration
2008 E Club Boulevard
Durham, NC 27704

DURHAM, NC 27704



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Fire Chief Robert Zoldos II

Fire Chief Robert J. Zoldos II

Administration Division 
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Name Title Email Phone
Zoldos II, Robert Fire Chief 919-560-4242 Ext. 19257
Iannuzzi, Christopher Deputy Fire Chief 919-560-4242 Ext. 19228
Eaton, Brian Assistant Chief: Planning and Administration 919-560-4242, ext. 19231
Horton, Latasha Fire Services Assistant 919-560-4242, ext. 19230
Mangum, Christel Fire Services Administrator 919-560-4242, ext. 19225
Mangum, Susan Administrative Analyst 919-560-4242, ext. 19229
Pike, Dean Technology Support Specialist 919-560-4242, ext. 19223
Ratliff, Maria Strategic Initiatives Coordinator 919-560-4242, ext. 19253
Squire, Nakia Administrative Specialist 919-560-4242, ext. 19264

Fire Operations 
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Name Title Email Phone
Sannipoli, Andrew "Andy" Assistant Chief of Operations 919-560-4242, ext. 19222
Cole, James "Jim" Division Chief 919-560-4245
Cremeans, Dan Division Chief 919-560-4245
Roberts, Jeff Division Chief 919-560-4261
Swain, David Division Chief 919-560-4245
Baker, Bryan Battalion Chief 919-560-1126
Bolar, Charles "Derek" Battalion Chief 919-560-1126
Cheek, Wayne Battalion Chief 919-560-4261
Angelica, Greene Battalion Chief 919-361-0927
Field, Shawn Battalion Chief 919-237-4151
Morkunas, Mitchell Battalion Chief 919-237-4151
Parker, David Battalion Chief 919-560-1126
Ray, Richard Battalion Chief 919-237-4151
Sloan, Joshua Battalion Chief 919-361-0927
Thomas, Andy Battalion Chief 919-560-4261
Upson, Craig Battalion Chief 919-361-0927
White, Dawn Battalion Chief 919-361-0927

Fire Prevention 
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Name Title Email Phone
Morton, Jody Asst. Chief/Fire Marshal 919-560-4233, ext. 19240
Gullie, Joel Batt. Chief/Deputy Fire Marshal 919-560-4233, ext. 19244
Inspections, (General)   919-560-4233 Ext. 19244
Brickman, Patrick Public Information & Communications Analyst 919-560-4242 Ext. 19242
Burton, Antoine Fire Driver-Educator 919-560-4233, ext. 19241
Edwards, Phillip Assistant Fire Marshal/Fire Captain  
Eldredge, Steven C Shift Fire Inspector/Investigator  
Fletcher, Ashley Assistant Fire Marshal  
Graves, Brian B Shift Fire Inspector/Investigator  
Hicks, Martin Assistant Fire Marshal  
Kromer, Mike Assistant Fire Marshal  
Link, Brandon Assistant Fire Marshal  
Richmond, Julius Assistant Fire Marshal  
Ricks, Darius Assistant Fire Marshal  
Towner, Elaine Fire Captain-Educator 919-560-4233, ext. 19223
VanAuken, Jimmy A Shift Fire Inspector/Investigator  
Wilcox, Chris Assistant Fire Marshal  
Wrenn, Brent Assistant Fire Marshal  

Training & Safety 
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Name Title Email Phone
Hall, Jr., Willie Assistant Chief of Training 919-560-4242, ext. 19251
Hamlin, Tina Battalion Chief-EMS 919-560-4242, ext. 19226
Allison, Brad Training Captain 919-560-4271, ext. 19367
Gross, Don Training Captain 919-560-4271, ext. 19367
Young, David Training Captain 919-560-4271, ext. 19367
Ford, John "Jackie" Safety 919-560-4242
Villines, Reginald "Reggie" Training Captain 919-560-4242, ext. 19254
McMillen, Jeffrey Training Captain