Transportation Department


101 City Hall Plaza
Durham, NC 27701



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Sean Egan, Transportation Department Director
Sean Egan


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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Egan, Sean Director 919-560-4366  
Judge, Bill Assistant Director 919-560-4366, ext. 36420  
Evian , Patterson Assistant Director - Mobility Services 919-560-4366, ext. 36400  
Gay, Darlene Executive Assistant 919-560-4366, ext. 36418  

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Convery, Erin Transportation Planning Manager 919-560-4366, ext. 36400  
Taylor, Brian AICP, Principal Planner 919-560-4366, ext. 36423  
Vitale, Eric Transportation Planner Planner 919-560-4366 ext. 36429  
Simpson, Eric Construction Project Manager 919-560-4366 ext.36495  
Thomas, Earlene Transportation Engineer IV 919-560-4366, ext. 36425  
Averette Garvey, Nancy Senior Transportation Technician 919-560-4366, ext. 36411  
Thompson, Terry Transportation Specialist/Street Lighting 919-560-4366, ext. 36407  
Warren, Denise Transportation Technician/Street Lighting 919-560-4366, ext. 36407  
Reynolds, Hannah AICP, Bike and Pedestrian Planner 919-560-4157 ext.36419  

Transportation Demand Management Program 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Johnson, Imani Public Information Communications Analyst 919-560-4366  
Vinella-Brusher, Emma Mobility Services Planner 919) 560-4366, ext. 36467  

Traffic Operations 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Nicholas, Pete PE, Engineering Manager Sr. 919-560-4366, ext. 36436  
Tracey, Leslie PE, PTOE, RSP1, Engineering Manager 919-560-4366, ext. 36437  
Islam, Mohammad PE, Transportation Engineer Sr. 919-560-4366, ext. 36433  
Youm, Hyeseon Transportation Engineer 919-560-4366, ext. 36435  
Young, Robin Principal Engineer 919-560-4366, ext. 36434  
Atwater-Smith, Angela Office Assistant 919-560-4366, ext. 36432  
Harper, Joanne Office Assistant   919-560-4366, ext. 36432  

Transit & Parking Services 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Leathers, Thomas Parking Systems Manager 919-560-4366 ext. 36207  
Luke, Christopher Parking Business IT Systems Administrator 919-560-4157 ext. 36204  
Williams, Andre Parking Infrastructure Administrator 919-560-4366 ext. 36102  
Moore, Derrick Parking Operations Administrator 919-560-4157 ext. 36403  
Harris, Donald Parking Infrastructure Supervisor 919-560-4157 ext. 36476  
Kennedy, Keith Parking Operations Supervisor 919-560-4157 ext. 36405  
Williams, Jasmine Parking Fiscal Coordinator 919-560-4157 ext. 36477  
Zeigler, Sharon Parking Senior Administrative Technician 919-560-4157 ext. 36411  
Barrett, Belinda [email protected] 919-560-4157 ext. 36477  

Business Services 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Devlin, Tom Business Services Manager 919-560-4366, ext. 36507  
TenEyck, Tom Business Services Administrator, CIP 919-560-4366 ext 36902  
Minor, Trevor Business Services Administrator, Parking 919-560-4366 ext. 36441  
Miller, David Business Services Administrator, MPO 919-560-4366, ext. 36409  
Wymore, Seina Fiscal Coordinator 919-560-4366 ext 36428  

Passenger Vehicle for Hire (PVFH) 

1907 Fay Street
Durham, NC 27704

919-560-4366, ext. 36414

Link: Passenger Vehicle for Hire Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Cunningham, Olivia Program Administrator   919-560-4366, ext 36209  

Transit Services/ GoDurham 
Link: "GoDurham"

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Fahey, Brian Transit Manager 919-560-4366, ext. 36404  
Green, Jennifer Mobility Services Planning Manager 919-560-4366, ext. 36447  

Sign Shop and Signal Shop 

320 Muldee Street
Durham, NC 27703


Link: Transportation Department Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Smith , Chris Signs and Markings Supervisor   919-560-4375, ext. 36440  
Beasley, Chris Traffic Signals Supervisor 919-560-4377, ext. 36456