City-County Inspections Department


101 City Hall Plaza
Ground Floor
Durham, NC 27701


The City-County Inspections department in-person office hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  For after hours electrical emergencies, please contact Tommy Smith at or Larry Vaughan at .  

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Hosey, Thomas Director 919-560-4145 C:919-369-9121
Bailey Taylor, Alysia Assistant Director 919-560-4146  
Wynn, Esther Business Services Administrator 919 724-7250  
Compton, Debbie Administrative Coordinator 919-560-4147  

Building Division 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Blalock, W.C. Chief Building Inspector 919-560-4285 C:919 369-9133
Stewart, Randy Field Inspections Supervisor 919-369-9134  
Liggett, Shaun Building Inspector 919-475-9592  
Glass, Michael Building Inspector (Part-Time) 919-369-9132  
Gervais, Peter Building Inspector 919-369-9129  
Arroyo, Julian Building Inspector 919-369-9128  
Crist, Steve Building Inspector 919-369-9126  
Miller, Todd Building Inspector 919-369-9135  
McConnell, Karey Building Inspector 919-257-8629  

Electrical Division 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Smith, Tommy Chief Electrical Inspector 919-560-4486 C: 919-369-9123
Vaughan, Larry Field Inspections Supervisor 919-560-4670 C: 919-369-9144
Windon, Richard Electrical Inspector (Enhanced Review) 919-201-0273  
Curran, Brian Electrical Inspector 919-369-9136  
Dillard, Brian Electrical Inspector 919-475-1764  
Chamberlain, Duane Electrical Inspector 919-369-9152  
Watson, Ronald Electrical Inspector 919-369-9153  
Byrd, Preston Electrical Inspector 919-369-9150  
Williams, Larry Electrical Inspector 919-369-9127  
Januzys, Chris Electrical Inspector 919-475-5227  
Craig, Brian Electrical inspector 919 323-2303  

Mechanical Division 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Wheeler, Gary Chief Mechanical Inspector 919-560-4652 C: 943-2729
Hunter, Willie Field Inspections Supervisor (Enhanced Review) 919-560-4677 C: 323-7436
Patterson, George Mechanical Inspector 919-717-4166  
Tapp, David Mechanical Inspector 919-369-9160  
King, Bobby Mechanical Inspector 919-369-5678  
Hart, Blake Mechanical Inspector (Multi-Trade) 919-407-9225  
Frazier, Joseph Mechanical Inspector (Multi-Trade) 919-369-9125  
Vandiford, Wade Mechanical Inspector (Multi-Trade) 919-369-9143  
Hobby, James Mechanical Inspector (Multi-Trade) 919-257-8772  
Newport, Mike Mechanical Inspector 919 369-9159  
Bratcher, Rob (Multi-Trade) Scheduler 919-560-4289  

Permit Technician Division 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Wylie, Chrystal Development Service Support Supervisor 919-560-4485 C: 984-227-0289
Brown, Dana Permit Technician 919-560-4148 C: 907-9295
McCorkle, Scott Administrative Specialist (Enhanced Plan Review) 984-227-0782  
Carlino, Becky Permit Technician 919-560-4149 C: 907-9310
Nichols, Mitzi Permit Technician 919-560-4665 C:402-6412

Plans Review Division 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Carmines, Lily Senior Plans Examiner 919-560-4551 C: 717-4583
Jones, Calvin Plans Examiner 919-560-1037 C: 323-6425
Wegner, Doug Plans Examiner 919-560-4494 C:323-6658
Bunster, Madelin Plans Examiner 919-323-7794  
Read, John Plans Examiner (Small Project Review) 919-560-4672 C: 984-227-9014
Fernandez, Avelino Plans Examiner (Small Project Review) 919-560-4673 C: 984 227-0781
Good, Herald Fire Plans Examiner (Enhanced Review) 919-560-1199 C: 907-9429
Marshburn, Michael Fire Plans Examiner 919-943-3949  

Plumbing Division 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Baird, Christian Chief Plumbing Inspector 919-560-4497 C:919-369-9155
Broadhurst, Shane Field Inspections Supervisor 919-943-9487  
Clark, Chris Plumbing Inspector (Enhanced Review) 984-227-9152  
McLean, John Plumbing Inspector 919-201-3784  
Williams, Tom Plumbing Inspector 919-369-9156  
Jar, Michael Plumbing Inspector 919-369-9157