Do I have to buy the toilet at a particular store?

No, there is no specific store that is necessary for the rebate. As long as the toilet is an HET on the EPA’s WaterSense list, a customer can buy it from any retailer, even online, but we do need the original invoice(s) or sales receipt(s) sent in with the application. The Department of Water Management advises customers to keep a copy of the sales invoice(s) or receipt(s) for their records.

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1. What is a WaterSense High Efficiency Toilet?
2. Do I have to buy the toilet at a particular store?
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4. Is there anything else I need to buy with the toilet?
5. Do I have to hire someone to install the toilet?
6. What do I need to submit with my application?
7. How will I receive the rebate?
8. Will the city be checking to see that my toilet has been installed?
9. How long will the toilet rebate program last?
10. How can commercial, institutional, and industrial customers become eligible?