Why do we have to follow this schedule?
Landscape irrigation makes up a large portion of usage, particularly during the warmer months of the year. In fact, irrigation during summer months can increase demand on the treatment plants between 20% - 40%. By improving the efficiency of our irrigation practices, we can reduce consumption, save money, and preserve the city’s water supply.

By establishing a set schedule for our customers, the city can better manage the demand for irrigation, control peak demands, and ease the burden on our water supplies, treatment plants, and distribution system.

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1. Do these restrictions apply to car washing or pressure washing?
2. Does this apply to rain water or reclaimed water?
3. How do you define hand-watering?
4. I would like to install new sod, but will need to water more frequently than this schedule will allow, can I apply for permission to irrigate outside of this schedule?
5. What watering schedule should be followed for medians and common areas that do not have a traditional address?
6. I manage a complex with multiple addresses but just one irrigation system., how should we operate our system?
7. Why do we have to follow this schedule?
8. Do other municipalities have the same schedule?
9. Am I required to water on all 3 days of the schedule?
10. Do these restrictions replace the water shortage response restrictions?
11. If it rains on one of my scheduled watering days, can I water on another non-scheduled day?
12. What type of enforcement of the ordinance will be occurring?
13. How can I report a violation if I see one?