What should I do if I suspect lead poisoning?

Lead exposure poses a greater health risk to children, pregnant and nursing women. Kids younger than six are eligible for a free blood lead screening by the Durham County Department of Public Health. Please contact the department at 919-560-7600 to arrange a test.

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1. Should Durham's water customers be concerned about lead in the drinking water?
2. How could lead get into the drinking water?
3. How would I know if my household plumbing was a problem?
4. What can I do to minimize the risk to me and my family?
5. What is Durham doing to eliminate/reduce exposure to lead in our drinking water?
6. Have the City's actions eliminated my risk/exposure to lead and copper?
7. What should I do if I suspect lead poisoning?
8. What if I need more information or want my water tested?
9. Who may I contact at the City if I still have questions about lead?