What can I expect?
If you own property within the project area, you may receive a letter notifying you about the project. You may also see staff from the project team surveying and/or evaluating the project area. During construction, you will see large construction equipment needed for the installation, along with vehicles transporting various necessary construction materials, such as large pipe, manholes, and stone. A project such as this will take many months to build and, at times, be very disruptive. It takes a lot of work to complete such a big project! The City and its contractors will strive to minimize construction disturbance near your property, and along the greenway trails and roadways located within the improvement area. We appreciate your patience during this project.

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1. Where is the project area?
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3. What can I expect?
4. Does the project address all sewer improvement needs in the City's Eno River Sewer Basin Service Area?